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Shubh Muhurat Today

In the Hindu calendar, Shubh Muhurat Today is the auspicious moment or a day when all the auspicious and demanding work can be done. AstroSage will provide you with information about every auspicious time of the day.

Today Festival

It is believed in the Hindu religion that if any work is done after considering the auspicious time, then it becomes more auspicious and fruitful. That is why all the auspicious tasks in Hinduism are performed after seeing the auspicious time, like the marriage, Griha Pravesh, Annaprashan, Mundan, Karnavedha rites, etc.

There is a lot of debate and different opinions among people of different beliefs regarding the Shubh Muhurat. However, the importance of this Shubh Muhurat in a person's life depends on his thinking and belief. Those people who believe in Shubh Muhurat know that it is that auspicious time when we receive positive energy due to the influence of planets and constellations. At this time, if any work is started or auspicious work is done, then it becomes successful and smooth.

Number of Muhurat in a Day

There are a total of 30 Muhurat (timings) in a day. However, it is very important to know that there are Shubh Muhurats and Ashubh Muhurats. Before calculating the time to do an auspicious work or begin a new task, it is very important to know the inauspicious time of the day as well, so you do not proceed with any work at that time, even by mistake.

Names of all the Muhurtas of the day: Rudra, Ahi, Mitra, Pitala, Vasu, Varaha, Vishvedeva, Vidhi, Saat Mukhi, Puruhuta, Vahini, Naktankara, Varuna, Aaryama, Bhaga, Girish, Ajapada, Ahir, Budhnya, Pushya, Ashwini, Yama, Agni, Vidhat, Kanda, Aditi, Jiva/Amrit, Vishnu, Yumigadyuti, Brahma, and Samudram.

Significance of Shubh Muhurat Today

Muhurat has been considered very important in Hinduism since ancient times. To find out Shubh Muhurat Today, the position of planets and constellations is calculated, and after that, the Shubh Muhurat of the day is determined. In Sanatan Dharma, before beginning any auspicious work or any new work, there is a tradition to see the Shubh Muhurat of that day, and this is the reason that people wait for months till they find the Shubh Muhurat to do any auspicious work.

This happens because people have this belief in their mind that if any auspicious work is done after seeing the Shubh Muhurat of the said day, it brings happiness to our lives. The work gets done without any obstacles, and we get success in life.

As it has been mentioned before that when we do some auspicious work after calculating the Shubh Muhurat, we get success in it. However, if there is any mistake in these Muhurtas, then many times, we have to face the opposite result. In such a situation, it becomes very important that whenever you are finding out the Shubh Muhurat Today, then you should get it done by a knowledgeable Pandit or astrologer only. Especially if you are looking for a Muhurta for auspicious and big tasks like marriage, Mundan, and Griha Pravesh, you are advised to consult an astrologer.

Value & Significance of Shubh Muhurat Today

As we are moving towards modernization, we are getting detached from our traditional culture and roots. Therefore, you must have observed that people who believe in Shubh Muhurat Today are considered orthodox. However, no one can deny the success of the works done in Shubh Muhurat in the past. This is the reason that no matter how modern we become, we need to keep faith in some things and follow them for life.

Shubh Muhurat Today is also among those things. Perhaps this is the reason that even in this contemporary era, many people still advise to calculate the Shubh Muhurat to begin important or new work because they still believe that if any work is performed according to the Shubh Muhurat Today, it will bring every happiness, success, and prosperity in our lives.

On this page of Shubh Muhurat Today by AstroSage, we will provide you with accurate information on Shubh Muhurat and Abhijit Muhurat every single day. With the help of this page, you can take maximum advantage of Shubh Muhurat in your life.

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