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Ravi Pushya Yoga in 2024

Ravi Pushya Nakshatra 2024 dates for New Delhi, India

Date Start Time End Time
Sunday, 09 June 20:21:21 29:22:34
Sunday, 07 July 05:29:23 30:03:36
Sunday, 04 August 05:44:22 13:27:09

Out of the 27 constellations in Vedic astrology, the Pushya Nakshatra occupies the 8th place and is considered to be the Supreme Nakshatra. When a Pushya Nakshatra coincides with a Sunday (Ravivaar), it is termed as Ravi Pushya Yoga. In this yoga, it is believed that all the malefic effects of the planet become favorable. This Yoga yields results which are always auspicious for you. Ravi Pushya Yoga is also called Ravi Pushya Nakshatra Yoga.

Things to be done during Ravi Pushya Yoga

Ravi Pushya Yoga is considered to be the best time for beginning any new work. Even if the position of the planets is unfavorable or there is no good muhurta, Ravi Pushya Yoga will be the ultimate solution to every action excluding marriage. This Yoga is a favourable occasion for wedding shopping, planning events, buying new property and vehicles, buying gold, etc. It is also the best time to start new business and ventures. Apart from this, this yoga is especially useful for gaining knowledge and obtaining Siddhis.

Benefits of Pushya Nakshatra

1.  If one involves himself in spiritual activities on this day, desired results are bound to be obtained.
2.  The quality of work and its results always rise up in the positive direction.
3.  The money and glory of a person expand during this auspicious occasion.
4.  It is a favourable time for installing any siddh yantra like Shree Yantra or any other business Yantra
5.  The effects of a malefic Sun can be subdued.
6.  It is advised to wear red clothes on this day to get the divine blessings of Sun God.
7.  Economic prosperity makes its way into your life on this propitious day.

Religious things and remedies to be done on Ravi Pushya Yoga

1.  Feeding jaggery to cow is considered to be beneficial for economic gains.
2.  Lighting a lamp in temple helps in combating work related problems.
3.  Offering milk, red flowers and red sandalwood in a copper vessel to the Sun helps you to acquire an upper hand in any case where your enemies are concerned.

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