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Saturday, November 28, 2020 Tithi for New Delhi, India

Find out today tithi or date according to the Hindu Panchang and know about its astrological significance. Find out more about 30 tithis and how the movement of the Moon and the Sun influences your whole day.

A lunar calendar comprises of 30 Tithis or Dates. A Tithi exemplifies a Lunar Day according to the Hindu Calendar and is evaluated when the Moon proceeds 12 degrees east from the Sun. This is envisaged as the first Tithi, also known as Pratipada Tithi, during Shukla Paksha. On the contrary, when the Moon locomotes by 180 degrees, then it is said to be Purnima or Full Moon and at last when the Moon transposes by 360 degrees, it is known as Amavasya. Today Tithi gives you a clear idea about the hindu tithi undergoing today as per the Panchang.

What Is A Tithi?

Tithi or Date is the major element of a Panchang and represents one full day of the lunar month. Based on the tithi or date, all the days, festivals, anniversaries of prominent people, etc. are determined. A Hindu Tithi completes when the Moon gets placed at 12 degrees from the Sun. Tithis are 16 in number, where Amavasya and Purnima come once, whereas other tithis repeat the second time. As per Vedic Astrology, a month comprises of 30 tithis, in which the first 15 dates come under the Shukla Paksha, and the other 15 under Krishna Paksha. Additionally, one tithi is further divided into 5 elements, Nanda, Bhadra, Rikta, Jaya and Purna. Find out today tithi on this page for your tithi and find out the auspicious time duration.

Importance Of Tithi In A Panchang

Tithi or Date in a Hindu Panchang is significant, as it persuades people to start afresh and think positively in a bright direction. Along with lucky tithis, there are tithis which can retrieve unfavourable results. A tithi starts at different times of day and may vary from about 19 to 26 hours. Following are the names of the tithis and their astrological significance:

  1. Pratipada: Called as Pratham, this tithi is said to be the best for carrying out any religious or auspicious rituals. This tithi is ruled by Lord Agni or Fire.
  2. Dwitiya: This is also called as Vidya in vedic astrology. If today tithi is dwitiya, then the natives can lay the foundation of things like buildings and houses on this date. Lord Brahmadev rules this tithi.
  3. Tritiya: It is also called as Teej, and proves to be favourable for cutting hair, nails or organizing the Mundan or Tonsure ceremony. This tithi si ruled by Goddess Gauri.
  4. Chaturthi: This tithi is appropriate for eliminating your opponents or enemies, and is governed by Lord Yamraj and Lord Ganesh. This tithi is also known as Chauth.
  5. Panchmi: A native can go for a surgery and medical consultancy on this tithi, as it will retrieve positive results in these aspects. Lord Nag is the ruler of this tithi.
  6. Shasthi: With today tithi being Shasthi, the duration is favourable for celebrating an occasion, festival or event, meeting new people and friends. Lord Kartikeya governs this tithi.
  7. Saptami: One can begin his/he journey and make purchases if today tithi is Saptami. In case you are going on a trip due to specific reasons, chances of favourable results are high. Lord Sun rules this tithi.
  8. Ashtami: Ruled by Lord Shiva, one can emerge victorious on this day. Worshipping Lord Rudra during Krishna Paksha is considered to be auspicious on this date, as doing it during the Shukla Paksha is prohibited.
  9. Navmi: This day, ruled by Maa Avantika, marks the beginning of destruction and violence. Hence, no auspicious function or ceremony must be conducted on this tithi.
  10. Dashmi: This date is auspicious for carrying out virtuous, religious, spiritual and other sacred activities. The lord of this day is Dharmaraj.
  11. Ekadashi: Ekadashi tithi holds high significance in Hinduism and Jainism, and is considered auspicious. Usually, fasts and worships are conducted on this tithi, as Lord Mahadev governs this day.
  12. Dwadashi: This tithi is favourable for conducting religious rituals and ceremonies and ruled by Lord Vishnu.
  13. Trayodashi: To attain sensual pleasures, make friends and celebrate, this tithi seems favorable. Lord Kama rules this day.
  14. Chaturdashi: Maa Kaali governs this tithi, and getting rid of evil spirits and gaining enlightenment can be done if today tithi is Chaturdashi.
  15. Purnima: Purnima tithi is appropriate for conducting the Yagna and observing fasts, and ruled by Moon. One attains sweet fruits by listening and reciting the religious stories.
  16. Amavasya: This day is dedicated to forefathers and gods, and activities such as serving them must be carried out for favourable results. Also, one can fast on this tithi.
Hope you find the above mentioned information on today tithi helpful. AstroSage wishes you the best of luck.

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