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Moon Rise Time

Moon Rise : 21:03:00
Moon Set : 07:21:59

Moon Rise Time Today Tuesday, July 23, 2024 for New Delhi, India

Moon rise is a natural occurrence in the solar system. The process of the emergence of the moon in the sky is called moon rise. On the day of special occasions, festivals, and fastings, a question arises in the mind of the worshiper: When will the moon rise?

In Hindu religion, the moon is considered as the deity. There are a handful of festivals in which moonrise has the special significance of time, such as Karva Chauth, Trayodashi, etc. Moon not only helped to create life but also helps to maintain the life cycle. A divine giver of prosperity and mental power, the moon is considered as the usher of prosperity and happiness. Moon God is known as the representative of Mother Nature, as she nourishes the earth as a protector, savior, or a godly-being.

Role and Importance of Moon in Astrology

As per the Vedic astrology, the moon is a natural benefic. According to Bhagavata Purana, the moon is considered as the son of Maharishi Atri and Anusuya. Moon’s clothes, chariots, and horses are all white colors. Moon represents love and beauty, and hence, which is why poets compare the beauty of women with the beauty of the full moon.

Being one of the smallest among the planets, the moon has enormous effects on the life of human beings. It is believed that the menstrual cycle in females is governed by the different phases of Moon. Become a water element, the gravitational force of Moon causes tides in the oceans. The distance, the Moon is away from the Earth, means that the tides are not too extreme. If the Moon were 20 times closer than it is today then, the Moon’s gravity would be 400 times stronger than it is today.

The moon is so auspicious as per Hindu Mythology, that women break their fasts after having a look at the moon in the night. Referring to the fast of Hindu Calender, there are some special fasts that are related to the divine Lord, Moon. As per Vedic astrology, Moon is considered to have the power of ascendant. It has been given extraordinary significance after preparing moon sign horoscopes using the moon as ascendant.

Moon God is married to 27 daughters of Raja Daksha, which are known as 27 Nakshatras or constellations. According to the Puranas, Mercury is said to be his son, which originated from Tara. The period of life of the Moon is 10 years and it is the owner of Cancer. The positive side of Moon represents happiness, enthusiasm, and mental clarity, while on the other hand afflicted or negative moon shows tension, depression, departure, dismay, suicidal, and pessimistic attitude.

What AstroSage Offer?

Any table under AstroSage is prepared by keeping in mind the geographical location of different cities, which is why moon rise locations and timings are more reliable and accurate. With the help of Moon Sign Calculator, you can find information about all the special occasions, festivals, and the time of moonlight on the festival or When will moon rise today.

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