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Nalla Neram Today - Gowri Panchangam

Get Today Tamil Gowri Panchangam

Saturday, July 20, 2024

For New Delhi, India

  • Day Gowri Panchang
  • Soram 05:35:57 - 07:18:47
  • Uthi 07:18:47 - 09:01:37
  • Visham 09:01:37 - 10:44:27
  • Amirdha 10:44:27 - 12:27:18
  • Rogam 12:27:18 - 14:10:08
  • Laabam 14:10:08 - 15:52:58
  • Dhanam 15:52:58 - 17:35:48
  • Sugam 17:35:48 - 19:18:39

Nalla Neram Today - Gowri Panchangam

Nalla Neram today is a Tamil word meaning "auspicious time". We always want positive results for whatever we do, as time, energy, and money are invested in it. According to Tamil Astrology, Nalla Neram is the time that gives desired results.

As Choghadiya is popular in North India, Nalla Neram, based on Tamil Gowri Panchangam, is quite popular in Southern parts of the country. Nalla Neram and Gowri Panchangam is derived from Pambu Panchangam published in Tamil Nadu. According to it, day and night are divided into 8 equal parts. Out of these, which parts are going to be favorable or unfavorable is decided for that person.

Favorable periods are known as Nalla Neram. It is calculated after removing those periods that belong to Rahu Kalam, Yamagandam and Gulika Kalam, etc.

Nalla Neram today is considered a period during which all the positive forces and celestial energies work in a person's favor. Astrologers and experts recommend avoiding inauspicious times during the day to perform pious work. In other words, a time that is not Nalla Neram must be avoided to carry out any important task. This is because doing crucial work during an inauspicious period will not yield the desired results, hence all your efforts will be wasted.

What Is Gauri Nalla Neram Today?

Gauri Panchang and Nalla Neram today provide a person with the auspicious time to perform pious tasks during the day. It is followed mostly by the Tamil Community. It is a promising time that bestows a native with favorable outcomes for any work performed, especially if you are planning to commence anything new.

Nalla Neram Today: Auspicious & Inauspicious Timings

As per Nalla Nerum Today, a day is divided into 8 parts, out of which 5 are considered auspicious. These 5 pious parts are:

  • Amridham
  • Dhanam
  • Uthiyogam
  • Labam
  • Sugam

This is the period when all the energies are aligned in your favor, and whatever work you do will give favorable results.

On the other hand, the 3 inauspicious durations include:

  • Rogam
  • Soram
  • Visham

One must avoid carrying out any important work during this period.

Benefits Of Nalla Neram Today

Nalla Neram Today helps to identify the most pious timing for a particular day. If you wish to start a new venture, initiate an auspicious task, buy property or land, do repairs or construction, etc., then considering Nalla Neram can be helpful.

As mentioned before, a day is segregated into 8 parts of auspicious and inauspicious periods. Most of us are unaware of how celestial energies work and the results they are capable of giving as per the specific time. Due to this, we sometimes suffer by not getting the outcomes we expect and blame it on destiny. This is where the Nalla Neram today by AstroSage comes into place. All you have to do is enter the date and your city, and you will instantly get the Nalla Neram today, i.e., the auspicious timing for any given day.

Nalla Neram today, or the Gowri Panchangam, has been used to make predictions about the future of an individual for a very long time. This Panchang is prepared considering the planetary movements, the position of the moon and sun, and the alignment of the stars.

More About Nalla Neram:

The term Nalla Neram is said to be the most auspicious time for getting into a new job, new business deals, and new business partnerships. The most important thing about Nalla Neram today is that it is used for fixing marriages, housewarming ceremonies, new house construction, new investments, etc.

In India, many Panchangams are citing the factors such as good times, bad times, Rahu Kaal, and Yamagandam, besides Nalla Neram. The above pointers are vital that remain the same in all Panchangams, but the other indicators like Muhurtas may differ from one Panchangam to another Panchangam.

Nalla Neram Today & Degree System

If we see the other available Panchangs like Valluvar Panchangam, Gowri Panchangam, and Pambu Panchangam, these are called Vakya Panchangam. This is the traditional Panchang which has been prevailing for thousands of years and it is based on sages reciting and telling the planetary movements like a song. This Vakya or Pambu Panchangam does not deal with degrees related to planet movements which will be happening around the universe frequently. This degree system is based on each zodiac sign which has 30 degrees and the 12 zodiac signs will be 360 degrees. There are 3 Nakshatras and three stars that are there on each zodiac sign.

This degree system is most important for calculating the movement of planets. In Pambu or Vakya Panchangam, you may not be able to calculate the exact auspicious time which will be present, because this Pambu Panchangam does not deal with degrees in which each planet is placed. There are good or bad timings each day which cannot be ascertained easily without calculating the degrees in which each planet is placed. The degree system is most important as it cites the planets positioned in each degree in a zodiac sign.

For example, if Jupiter is placed in the Aries zodiac sign, 1 to 10 degrees, then it may not be a highly good time and it will give moderate results. But if it is 11 to 20 degrees, it is said to be an auspicious time for starting auspicious events and highly beneficial.

If a planet like Jupiter, which is a natural benefic is placed in 0 degrees and had just transited to Aries zodiac sign, then it is not said to be an auspicious time as the number 0 does not have significant power. Only 11 to 20 degrees is said to be auspicious.

If a planet like Jupiter is placed from 21 to 29 degrees in the Aries zodiac sign, it is not said to be auspicious and may not be good for starting auspicious events. This degree system will apply to planets other than Jupiter like Venus, Mercury, etc., but it may not be valid for the nodal planets like Rahu and Ketu as they are malefic planets and are illusionary in nature.

Good things or good events will not be started during the Rahu Kaal, Yamagandam-which is Ketu Kaal. This degree system is dealt with in Drik Panchang and this is the most valid and accurate Panchangam which deals with good times, bad times, planet transit movements, and the degrees in which each planet is placed. This Drik Panchangam is most auspicious to deal with the goodness of time with accuracy and this Panchangam is most valid nowadays to calculate the different times like auspicious and inauspicious, Rahu Kaal, Yamagandam (time of Ketu), and Kuliga Kaal (time of Kuliga, which is said to be the son of Saturn).

This Drik Panchangam is said to be the most accurate Panchangam which gives accurate data on the auspicious and inauspicious times. This panchang was recited by Lord Brahma and Drik means change in time in a most valid manner and this may not be given in Pambu Panchangam.

What Does Nalla Neram Today Depend On?

Nalla Neram does not mean that everyday planetary movements, auspicious and inauspicious times are the only indicators, but Nalla Neram today depends upon the present and future periods in the form of Mahadashas, like Venus, Saturn, etc. Panchangham gives indications for auspicious and inauspicious times every day and this is only general in nature and not a permanent solution. The only valid parameter for ascertaining Nalla Neram today is considering the horoscope and the present time period of the native which has a significant impact on every individual. The time periods for the natives depend upon the planet's position in the horoscope and today's time and planet movements in a Panchangam will be the planet movements for a native who is born on a particular day.

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