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Today Panchang

Fasts, rites, rituals, festivals, Panchang and Muhurats find a special place in Hinduism and Vedic Astrology. One cannot imagine the Hindu religion and its rituals without the existence of these inherent components. This page will provide information about various festivals, auspicious rituals, Muhurats and panchang. In addition to this, information related to Chaughadia, Hora, Abhijit, Rahu period and Do Ghati Muhurat etc. for calculating auspicious time period is also available here. With the aid of daily and monthly panchang, knowledge can be acquired about the date, day, Nakshatras, Yogas, Karan and the rising and setting time of the Sun and the Moon respectively.

The Hindu and the Indian Calendar keeps one updated about the various occurrences of the year and important festivities. Also, through the content available on this page, you can calculate the muhurat of your own city with the help of online software to comprehend various festivals and functions.

The information given below can also be acquired via this Panchang Page:

1. Today's Panchang

Information pertaining to the present date, time, day, samvat, nakshatra and many more can be accessed by just clicking on Today's Panchang. Additionally, the time of Sunrise and Sunset and the current Yoga can also be known through this facility. Our Panchang page also provides the usage of Daily Panchang, Monthly Panchang, Panchang 2019, Panchang 2020, Gauri Panchangam, Bhadra, Today's Karan and Moon rise calculator.

2. Festivals

Panchang has significant relevance in Hinduism, as it generates crucial information about the important Festivals of the year and their dates, auspicious muhurat and puja rituals. You can also get to know about the major festivals of other religions and communities.

3. Calendar

Hinduism gives recognition to more than 84 lakhs Gods and Goddesses, which is why various festivals take place in a year’s time. Each and every festival is associated with a particular God or Goddess. Hindu Calendar or Hindu Panchang doesn’t only chalk out the Hindu festivals but also provides the necessary information about the Muslim, Sikh and Christian festivals. Specifically talking about the festivals of Hindu religion, here you can get descriptive information about the ones that occur every month. Apart from this, AstroSage also lists down the festivals which have been declared an important day by the government of India.

4. Fasts

Apart from festivals, Fasts are also considered quite a significant part of Hinduism. According to traditional Hindu beliefs, the various tithis of every month are devoted to the prominent Gods (Devtas). This explains the reason why the tradition of observing fasts is maintained on these important dates. With the assistance of this Panchang, we will guide you about the various fasts to be observed during every month. Of all the fasts associated with Hinduism, the prevalent ones are Purnima fasts, Ekadashi fasts, Pradosha fasts, Monthly Shivratri fasts, Amavasya fasts, Sankashti fasts, Sawan Somvar (Monday) fasts and Navratri fasts. These various fasts are primarily observed to honour Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

5. Muhurat

People who follow the Hindu religion specifically take note of auspicious Muhurat and timings before commencing any propitious task. Information about the timing is considered before beginning any holy ceremony, such as marriage, reverence or Yajna (Yagya). Any task commemorated during this period acquires positive outcome and helps attain benefic influence of the auspicious planets and nakshatras. Now, one should also keep in mind that various types of Muhurats find a place in Astrology. Some are given below:

1.  Abhijit Muhurat
2.  Do Ghati Muhurat
3.  Guru Pushya Yoga
4.  Vehicle Buying Muhurat (Vahan Kharid Muhurat)
5.  Property Purchase Muhurat
6.  Naming Ceremony Muhurat (Namkaran Muhurat)
7.  Mundan Muhurat for Tonsure Ceremony Muhurat
8.  Choghadiya
9.  Rahu Kaal

6. Birth Chart

As per Vedic Astrology, Kundli is of supreme importance in a human being’s life. In conventional terms, it is also known as the Birth Chart of a native. An individual’s birth chart is specially prepared by calculating the motion of planets and nakshatras taking place during his/her birth, which enlightens about the person’s present and future. People take a special interest in creating birth horoscopes so that they can have an idea about the problems lying ahead in the future and find useful remedies. In ancient times, people used to seek the guidance of skilled astrologers to create their respective horoscopes. But, in this modern period, there is no need for you to visit anyone to obtain information about your future. The Free Kundali App launched by AstroSage will guide you to create your own birth chart or that of any family member or friend. This free-of-cost service can be availed within seconds, and details about your birth chart will appear on your screen. The simple procedure of entering your name, birth time, date and day and place should be followed in order to view your birth chart.

7. Horoscope Matching

Our Panchang page also offers the facility of Horoscope Matching. The tradition of matching the respective horoscopes of the bride and the groom are given quite an eminence by the followers of the Hindu religion. This facility of AstroSage determines how compatible the boy and the girl are on the basis of matching their qualities (gunas). The more compatible the match is, the more their relationship is likely to sustain. Henceforth, these qualities play a very crucial role in speculating the future of someone’s conjugal life. It is very necessary for 18-24 Gunas out of 36 to match for a blissful married life. You can check their compatibility through Kundli Matching Calculator available on our website. Just enter the names and birth details of both the girl and boy and find the result.

We hope that this information renders to be useful for you. AstroSage wishes the best for your future.

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