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ജൂലയി 2024 ഭദ്ര ദിവസങ്ങളും സമയങ്ങളും

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ജൂലയി, 2024 New Delhi India

Bhadra(Vishti Karana)Start Time Bhadra(Vishti Karana)End Time
ഞായർ, 30 ജൂൺ at 23:23:55 തിങ്കള്‍, 1 ജൂലയി at 10:28:19
വ്യാഴം, 4 ജൂലയി at 05:56:13 വ്യാഴം, 4 ജൂലയി at 17:25:21
ചൊവ്വ, 9 ജൂലയി at 18:58:35 ബുധന്‍, 10 ജൂലയി at 07:54:16
ശനി, 13 ജൂലയി at 15:07:59 ഞായർ, 14 ജൂലയി at 04:20:41
ബുധന്‍, 17 ജൂലയി at 08:56:05 ബുധന്‍, 17 ജൂലയി at 21:04:38
ശനി, 20 ജൂലയി at 18:01:33 ഞായർ, 21 ജൂലയി at 04:58:30
ചൊവ്വ, 23 ജൂലയി at 20:59:10 ബുധന്‍, 24 ജൂലയി at 07:32:34
വെള്ളി, 26 ജൂലയി at 23:32:52 ശനി, 27 ജൂലയി at 10:25:07
ചൊവ്വ, 30 ജൂലയി at 05:19:51 ചൊവ്വ, 30 ജൂലയി at 16:46:59


Muhurat holds immense importance in Vedic Astrology. We have to consider it before performing any auspicious activity. Whenever we talk about Muhurat, the name of “Bhadra” crosses our mind. Bhadra plays a significant role while calculating Muhurat. The effect of Bhadra is seen on all the three Lokas, namely Swarga Loka (Heaven), Patal Lok (Underworld), and Prithvi Lok (Earth).

We have specially designed a Bhadra Calculator for you, which will help you know the Bhadra period of any day. With this calculator, you can easily find out the starting and ending time of Bhadra. This Bhadra Calculator will come in handy and help you to save time and organise the auspicious and important activities of your life in a proper manner.

Who is Bhadra?

Let us shed some light upon Bhadra and understand why it is given due consideration. Bhadra is the sister of Lord Saturn and the daughter of Lord Sun. She was known for her beauty coupled with a cold demeanour. To keep her aggressive nature under control, she was given a place in the Hindu Panchang in the form of the “Vishti Karana”. Whenever the Muhurat is calculated for carrying out any auspicious activity, Bhadra is always considered to be important. The activity is not performed during the time of the Bhadra. However, it has been seen that Bhadra is not always unfavorable. There are some special cases for which Bhadra has panned out to be highly beneficial.

Calculation of Bhadra

The Hindu Panchang is made up of 5 elements namely Tithi (date), Vaar (day), Yoga, Nakshatra (constellation), and Karana. Karana is half of a Lunar day, and each Tithi consists of 2 Karanas. There are a total number of 11 Karnas, 4 of which are fixed and the other seven are movable. The four fixed Karanas are Shakuni, Chatushpad, Naga and Kimstughna (also known as Kaustuva). The fixed Karanas fall only once during each month. The seven movable Karanas are Bava, Balava, Kaulava, Taitila, Gara, Vanija and Vishti. The Vishti Karana is the name given to Bhadra. Because of being a movable Karana, it always remains in motion. Bhadra is of utmost significance when Panchang is corrected or framed.

Know the position of Bhadra

Given below are the ways to know about the position and state of Bhadra.

कुम्भ कर्क द्वये मर्त्ये स्वर्गेऽब्जेऽजात्त्रयेऽलिंगे।
स्त्री धनुर्जूकनक्रेऽधो भद्रा तत्रैव तत्फलं।।

kumbha karka dvaye martye svarge'bje'jāttraye'liṃge।
strī dhanurjūkanakre'dho bhadrā tatraiva tatphalaṃ।।

When the Moon is posited in the Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Scorpio, Bhadra is believed to be in Swarga Loka or Heaven. During this position, it is up-facing, which means it has its face in the above direction. When the Moon is posited in Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn, Bhadra is believed to be in the Patal Lok or Underworld. During this position, Bhadra is downfacing, which means it faces downwards. When Moon is present in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces, Bhadra is believed to be present in the Prithvi Lok or Earth. It is front-facing during this position. When Bhadra is up-facing or down-facing, it is considered to be favourable. A front-facing Bhadra is considered to be highly influential and more effective.

According to the Muhurta Chintamani, the effect of Bhadra is seen in the Loka (realm) in which it is present. This is why the presence of Bhadra in the Prithvi Lok during the Moon's position in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius or Pisces has a direct impact on the Prithvi Loka or Mortal Earth. Due to the same reason, no auspicious activity should be done on the Prithvi Lok during this period. If any activity is done, it is likely to turn out unproductive or produce undesirable results. There are chances of numerous hurdles and problems. Hence, carrying out auspicious activities should be strictly avoided during this stretch of time.

स्वर्गे भद्रा शुभं कुर्यात पाताले च धनागम।
मृत्युलोक स्थिता भद्रा सर्व कार्य विनाशनी ।।

svarge bhadrā śubhaṃ kuryāta pātāle ca dhanāgama।
mṛtyuloka sthitā bhadrā sarva kārya vināśanī ।।

According to the Sanskrit scripture, Piyush Dhara, the presence of Bhadra in the Heaven is considered to be favourable for the Mortal Plane.

स्थिताभूर्लोस्था भद्रा सदात्याज्या स्वर्गपातालगा शुभा।

sthitābhūrlosthā bhadrā sadātyājyā svargapātālagā śubhā।

As per Muhurat Martand, the period during which Bhadra is in Prithvi Lok is not considered auspicious. Hence, it should be avoided to organise any auspicious activity during this period. However, Bhadra gives good results when it is present in Swarg Lok or Patal Lok.

This means that when the Moon is posited in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces zodiac sign, there are chances of pain and suffering on the Mortal Plane.

Bhadra Face and Bhadra Tail

The impact of Bhadra is seen in accordance with its position. This is when Vastu Shastra comes into play.

भद्रा यत्र तिष्ठति तत्रैव तत्फलं भवति।

bhadrā yatra tiṣṭhati tatraiva tatphalaṃ bhavati।

The above statement means that the position of Bhadra has an important role in determining what effects Bhadra brings. To understand it correctly, let us shed some light upon the face and tail position of Bhadra.

शुक्ल पूर्वार्धेऽष्टमीपञ्चदशयो भद्रैकादश्यांचतुर्थ्या परार्द्धे।
कृष्णेऽन्त्यार्द्धेस्या तृतीयादशम्योः पूर्वे भागे सप्तमीशंभुतिथ्योः।।

śukla pūrvārdhe'ṣṭamīpañcadaśayo bhadraikādaśyāṃcaturthyā parārddhe।
kṛṣṇe'ntyārddhesyā tṛtīyādaśamyoḥ pūrve bhāge saptamīśaṃbhutithyoḥ।।

It means that in the Shukla Paksha (bright lunar fortnight), Bhadra can occur during the first half of the Ashtami and Purnima and during the second half of the Ekadashi and Chaturthi. However, Bhadra may happen during the Tritiya and Dashami of the first half and during the Saptami and Chaturthi of the second half of the Krishna Paksha.

Special Note: Every day is composed of 8 pehars or phases. This means the 24 hours of a day are divided into eight pehars, which makes each pehar equivalent to roughly 3 hours of the day. During the first 2 hours of the above-stated phases, Bhadra is front facing. These 2 hours are equivalent to 5 ghadi and considered to be favourable. The last one hour and 15 minutes of the Pehar have a back-facing Bhadra. This means Bhadra Tail is prevalent during this period.

According to Muhurta Chintamani, the face of Bhadra (Bhadra Mukh) is prevalent during the five ghadi of the fifth phase during the Chaturthi of the Shukla Paksha. Similarly, Bhadra is front-facing during the five ghadi of the second phase during the Ashtami. During the first five ghadi of the 7th pehar of Ekadashi and the first five ghadi of the 4th pehar of Poornima, Bhadra's face is prominent.

Now let us look at the position of Bhadra during the Krishna Paksha. The first five ghadi of the 8th Pehar of Tritiya tithi and the first five ghadi of the 3rd Pehar of Saptami have the Bhadra Mukh (face of Bhadra). Likewise, Bhadra Mukh is prevalent during the first five ghadi of the first pehar of Chaturthi and the 6th pehar of Dashami.

The Bhadra Puchh (tail of Bhadra) is considered to be favourable for carrying out auspicious activities. If the Bhadra taking place during the Uttarardh (second half of Tithi) falls during the day, it is considered to be beneficial. Also, Bhadra taking place during the Purvardh (first half of the Tithi) is considered auspicious if it falls during the night.

What Not To Do During the Bhadra?

Bhadra is not considered to be a favourable time. Thus, executing auspicious activities during this period is never recommended.

कार्येत्वाश्यके विष्टेरमुख, कण्ठहृदि मात्रं परित्येत।

kāryetvāśyake viṣṭeramukha, kaṇṭhahṛdi mātraṃ parityeta।

It means that in case of high importance, one can avoid conducting auspicious activities when Bhadra Mukh (Face), Kanth (Neck) and Hridaya (Heart) is present on the Mortal Earth. Instead, Bhadra Puchya or Bhadra Tail is considered more auspicious to carry out such tasks.

ईयं भद्रा शुभ-कार्येषु अशुभा भवति।

īyaṃ bhadrā śubha-kāryeṣu aśubhā bhavati।

It means that Bhadra period is considered to be inauspicious. Eminent priests and sages have had the same opinion about Bhadra.

न कुर्यात मंगलं विष्ट्या जीवितार्थी कदाचन।
कुर्वन अज्ञस्तदा क्षिप्रं तत्सर्वं नाशतां व्रजेत।।
---महर्षि कश्यप

na kuryāta maṃgalaṃ viṣṭyā jīvitārthī kadācana।
kurvana ajñastadā kṣipraṃ tatsarvaṃ nāśatāṃ vrajeta।।
---Maharishi Kashyap

According to the great sage, Maharishi Kashyap, if anyone wants to lead a happy and peaceful life, he/she should strictly refrain from performing any auspicious task during the period of Bhadra. Even if someone commits the mistake of doing so, he/she is likely to get bad results as the chances of getting good results during the Bhadra period are almost nil.

Certain auspicious activities like Mundan Sanskar, Vivah Sanskar (marriage ceremony), Griha Pravesh (housewarming), holy journey or trip, should be strictly avoided during this time. Laying the foundation of a new business is not recommended. Doing any auspicious activity or celebrating Raksha Bandhan might prove to bring a series of unfortunate events in a person's life.

What To Do During The Bhadra Period?

Bhadra is considered as an unfavourable time to perform auspicious activities. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Certain activities are not auspicious by nature. These are the activities, which if undertaken during the Bhadra kaal can reel beneficial results. Attacking an enemy, using weapons, conducting a surgery, starting a legal case against someone, lighting a fire, doing a business related to buffalo, horses, camels, etc. yields fruitful results. Performing a Yagna is also beneficial. If such tasks are performed during the Bhadra period, there is a racing certainty that success will be achieved.

Remedies To Be Performed During The Bhadra Period

The distinctive feature of Vedic Astrology is that it not only helps us to get a sneak peek into the future but also lets us know how to make the tables turn. It gives us a number of remedies that come handy whenever we face any adverse situation. It has been serving as the magic wand that we need in times of distress. Like for other things, Vedic Astrology has methods and remedies to cope up and nullify the adverse effects of Bhadra on one's life. Let us have a quick walkthrough of these remedies.

The first thing that one should be aware of is the position of the Bhadra. If Bhadra is present in the Swarg Lok (Heaven) or Patal Lok (Underworld), there is no need for following remedies. On the other hand, if Bhadra is in Prithvi Lok or Mortal Earth, it is an unfavourable and unwanted state for which remedies are required. The Mukh (face) and the Puchh (tail) of the Bhadra are also considered while taking up the remedies. It is believed that venerating Lord Shiva with unwavering devotion is the best way to combat the adverse effects of Bhadra. Thus, if someone has to perform any auspicious activity during Bhadra, he/she should worship Lord Shiva before performing it.

The Piyush Dhara and Muhurta Chintamani say-

दिवा भद्रा रात्रौ रात्रि भद्रा यदा दिवा।
न तत्र भद्रा दोषः स्यात सा भद्रा भद्रदायिनी।।

divā bhadrā rātrau rātri bhadrā yadā divā।
na tatra bhadrā doṣaḥ syāta sā bhadrā bhadradāyinī।।

As per the above lines, it is indicated that if the Bhadra of the day falls during the night and vice-versa, there is nothing to be afraid of. Especially, Hansi Bhadra is not considered to be unfavourable for the Prithvi Lok. It is also known by the name “Bhadra Dayini” and provides fruitful results.

Apart from these, the below-mentioned lines need to be taken into account as well.

रात्रि भद्रा यदा अहनि स्यात दिवा दिवा भद्रा निशि।
न तत्र भद्रा दोषः स्यात सा भद्रा भद्रदायिनी।।

rātri bhadrā yadā ahani syāta divā divā bhadrā niśi।
na tatra bhadrā doṣaḥ syāta sā bhadrā bhadradāyinī।।

Another important saying related to the same is given below:

तिथे पूर्वार्धजा रात्रौ दिन भद्रा परार्धजा।
भद्रा दोषो न तत्र स्यात कार्येsत्यावश्यके सति।।

tithe pūrvārdhajā rātrau dina bhadrā parārdhajā।
bhadrā doṣo na tatra syāta kāryestyāvaśyake sati।।

It can be comprehended from the above lines that if someone needs to perform an important task during the Bhadra period, it should be done during the morning if Bhadra falls in Uttarardh (first half of the Tithi) or during the night if the Bhadra falls in the Purvardh (later half of the Tithi). Also, no auspicious activity should be performed during the Bhadra of the Prithvi Lok and during the time when Bhadra Mukh is prevalent. However, they can be performed when Puchh prevails in the Bhadra of the Swarg or Heaven and Patal Lok.

It is believed that if someone wants to save oneself from the bad effects of Bhadra, s/he should summon in mind and then chant the 12 names of Bhadra after waking up in the morning.

The 12 names of Bhadra are given as follows:

●  Dhanya
●  Dadhi Mukhi
●  Bhadra
●  Mahamari
●  Kharanna
●  Kalratri
●  Maharudra
●  Vishti
●  Kulputrika
●  Bhairavi
●  Mahakali
●  Asurakshaykari

It is believed that if you pay respect to Bhadra, worship her according to the rites and rituals and recite her 12 names; you will not have to suffer during the Bhadra period. This will make your life easier, and you will achieve what you aim for. We strongly advise you to consider the Muhurat before proceeding with any important and auspicious activity in your life. It will help you to make the best out of it. Adhere to the rituals and seek remedies for the problems and pave your way to success.

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