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પૌષ અમાવસ્યા 2024

2024 માં પૌષ અમાવસ્યા ક્યારે છે?


જાન્યુઆરી, 2024


પોષ અમાવસ્યા

પૌષ અમાવસ્યા મુહૂર્ત 11 જાન્યુઆરી, 2024, New Delhi, India માટે

અમાવાસ્યા (અમાસ) Tithi Begins at 20:13:02 on જાન્યુઆરી 10, 2024
અમાવાસ્યા (અમાસ) Tithi Ends at 17:29:04 on જાન્યુઆરી 11, 2024

પૌષ અમાવસ્યા મુહૂર્ત 30 ડિસેમ્બર, 2024, New Delhi, India માટે

અમાવાસ્યા (અમાસ) Tithi Begins at 04:03:47 on ડિસેમ્બર 30, 2024
અમાવાસ્યા (અમાસ) Tithi Ends at 03:58:36 on ડિસેમ્બર 31, 2024

According to Vedic calendar, Paush Amavasya is said to be observed on the the last date of Krishna Paksha in Paush month. According to religious affiliations, this day holds a great importance, as several auspicious activities and functions are carried out on this date. Shradh and oblation (tarpan) is carried out on this day in order to rest the souls of forefathers and ancestors in peace. On the other hand, fast is done in order to get rid of Pitra Dosh and Kalsarpa Dosh. Worshipping Lord Sun on this day in Paush month is said to be highly significant.

Paush Amavasya Vrat and Religious Rituals

The month of Paush is known to be auspicious in order to carry out philosophical and spiritual envisagement. Vrat and religious rituals carried out on the Amavasya in the month of Paush are as follows:

1.  On the day of Paush Amavasya, oblation (tarpan) of souls of forefathers and ancestors is carried out. So on this day, take a dip in the holy river, or reservoir and do the oblation of forefathers after offering water to Lord Sun.
2.  Pure water into a bowl of copper, put red sandalwood and red flowers and offer water to Surya Dev.
3.  Fast and offer donations to poor people in order to rest the souls of forefathers in peace.
4.  People who have Pitra Dosh and Santa Heen Yoga present in their horoscope must fast on the day of Paush Amavasyas in order to carry out the oblation of forefathers.
5.  On this auspicious day, one should worship the peepal tree and revolve around the basil (tulsi) plant.
6.  It is believed that fasting on Paush Amavasya leads to fulfillment of all the wishes along with adhering peace to forefathers.

Importance of Paush Amavasya

In Hinduism, the month of Paush is told to be very fruitful and of higher virtue. For religious and spiritual reflection, this month is the best. Fasting on this day not only offers peace to the souls of forefathers but also of Brahma, Indra, ghosts, sun, fire, wind, sage, birds and animals. Based on the climatic change during the month of Paush, one can predict the volume of rain in the coming year.

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