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Today Nakshatra – Aaj Ka Nakshatra

Bharani upto 27:19:06

Saturday, November 28, 2020 Nakshatra for New Delhi, India

Discover the nakshatra today – Aaj ka nakshatra for your city.

What Is A Nakshatra?

The term Nakshatra is a Sanskrit word, which when broken forms two words: “naks” meaning sky, and “kshetra” meaning region. Therefore, the term describes the story behind its conception. Ancient astrologers divided the sky into 27 parts, naming each area (kshetra), as a nakshatra. Thus the 27 nakshatras together form the “Map of the Sky”. Another way of dividing this word can be: “Naksha”, which means map and “tara” which means star; thus meaning the same. They are known as lunar mansions because the Moon resides in each of them for approximately one day. This is why the lunar calendar has about 27 days. However, some scriptures suggest that there are 28 nakshatras.

Mythology And Nakshatra

According to Matsya Purana and Padma Purana, Daksha, a great Brahmin king and son of Lord Brahma, had respectively 62 or 60 daughters. Out of these, Sati was married to Lord Shiva whereas 27 of his daughters were married to the Moon, i.e., Chandra Deva. These daughters were:

  1. Ashwini
  2. Bharani
  3. Krittika
  4. Rohini
  5. Mrigashira
  6. Ardra
  7. Punarvasu
  8. Pushya
  9. Ashlesha
  10. Magha
  11. Purva Phalguni
  12. Uttara Phalguni
  13. Hasta
  14. Chitra
  15. Swati
  16. Vishakha
  17. Anuradha
  18. Jyeshta
  19. Moola
  20. Purva Ashada
  21. Uttara Ashadha
  22. Shravana
  23. Dhanishta
  24. Shatabishak
  25. Uttara Bhadrapada
  26. Revati
  27. Purva Bhadrapada
In addition to this, it is also believed that these 27 daughters of Daksha had a brother, Abhijit. This is why, while it is considered as a nakshatra occasionally (mainly when computing muhurat), but mostly, it is believed that there are 27 nakshatras, not 28.

The 27 Nakshatras

The 27 (sometimes 28) nakshatras have great importance in Vedic Astrology. Each of these nakshatras has a specific nature, influence on the native born under it, ruling lord, sign, deity, quality, symbol, meaning, and so on. Below, we are describing these essential details about each nakshatra:

Nakshatra Zodiac Sign Ruling Lord Deity Degree Range
Ashwini Aries Ketu Ashwini Kumars 0 - 13:20 degree
Bharani Aries Venus Yama 13°20' to 26°40'
Krittika Aries-Taurus Sun Agni Aries 26°40' to Taurus 10°00'
Rohini Taurus Moon Brahma Taurus 10°00' to 23°20'
Mrigashira Taurus - Gemini Mars Soma Taurus 23°20' to Gemini 6°40'
Ardra Gemini Rahu Rudra Gemini 6°40' to 20°00'
Punarvasu Gemini - Cancer Jupiter Aditi Gemini 20°00' to Cancer 3°20'
Pushya Cancer Saturn Brihaspati Cancer 3°20' to 16°40'
Ashlesha Cancer Mercury Nagas Cancer 16°40' to 30°00'
Magha Leo Ketu Pitras (Ancestors) Leo 0°00' to 13°20'
Purva Phalguni Leo Venus Bhaga Leo 13°20' to 26°40'
Uttara Phalguni Leo - Virgo Sun Aryaman Leo 26°40' to Virgo 10°00'
Hasta Virgo Moon Savitr (Surya) Virgo 10°00' to 23°20'
Chitra Virgo - Libra Mars Tvashtri - Vishvakarma Virgo 23°20' to Libra 6°40'
Swati Libra Rahu Vayu Dev Libra 6°40' to 20°00'
Vishakha Libra - Scorpio Jupiter Indragni (Indra+Agni) Libra 20°00' to Scorpio 3°20'
Anuradha Scorpio Scorpio Mitra Scorpio 3°20' to 16°40'
Jyeshta Scorpio Mercury Indra Scorpio 16°40' to 30°00'
Moola Sagittarius Ketu Niritti Sagittarius 0°00' to 13°20'
Purva Ashada Sagittarius Venus Apas Sagittarius 13°20' to 26°40'
Uttara Ashadha Sag - Capricorn Sun Vishwadeva Sag 26°40' to Capricorn 10°00'
Abhijit Capricorn Mercury Brahma Capricorn 06° 40' to 10° 53' 20
Shravana Capricorn Moon Vishnu Capricorn 10°00' to 23°20'
Dhanishta Capricorn - Aquarius Mars Vasu Capricorn 23°20' to Aquarius 6°40'
Shatabishak Aquarius Rahu Varun Dev Aquarius 6°40' to 20°00'
Purva Bhadrapada Aquarius - Pisces Jupiter Ajaikapada dev Aquarius 20°00' to Pisces 3°20'
Uttara Bhadrapada Pisces Saturn Ahirbudhnya Pisces 3°20' to 16°40'
Revati Pisces Mercury Pushan Pisces 16°40' to 30°00'

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