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Uday Lagna, Rising Sign Table

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018 For New Delhi, India

Sunrise at : 06:24:44
Lagna at Sunrise : Meena, 335° 21´ 01”
Lagna Lagna Begins Lagna Ends
Meena 06:10:25 07:34:57
Mesha 07:34:57 09:10:24
Vrishabha 09:10:24 11:06:13
Mithuna 11:06:13 13:21:10
Karka 13:21:10 15:41:52
Simha 15:41:52 17:59:31
Kanya 17:59:31 20:16:10
Tula 20:16:10 22:36:01
Vrishchika 22:36:01 24:54:58
Dhanu 24:54:58 26:59:21
Makara 26:59:21 28:41:59
Kumbha 28:41:59 30:10:25
Note: If the time mentioned is more than 24 hours, it indicates next day. E.g. 29:05 means 5:05 of next day.
The Ascendant plays a pivotal role by being the deciding factor in Vedic Astrology. Also known by the name of rising ascendant and rising sign, it is determined at the birth time of a person. The zodiac sign that is at the rise during birth becomes the Ascendant. The first house in the birth- chart is dedicated to the Ascendant. As per the Hindu Panchang, Ascendant is calculated keeping in mind the timings of the Sunrise and Sunset. In this duration, the 12 signs of the zodiac rise in the eastern horizon of the infinite sky and change their positions with time. The ascendant house is of utmost importance in a native’s birth chart. With the Ascendant house or Ascendant sign, one could determine the age, character, personality, and childhood of the person. Apart from the Kundli, the Ascendant plays a major role in calculating the Muhurat as well. Vivah Muhurat, Housewarming Muhurat and all other auspicious events that require Muhurat, need the calculation of the propitious Ascendant for a person.

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