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Saturday, November 28, 2020 Day for New Delhi, India

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What Is Day (Vaar)?

As per the Hindu Panchang, a specific time or duration (kaal) is known as day or vaar. In simpler terms, it is a time-denoting term which helps us determine particular periods. As per astrology, one day, i.e., an Ahoratra (day is of 24 hours). Hence, the entire duration between one sunrise and the other is defined by a day. One month has about 4 weeks and each week has 7 days. These 7 days are classified as per the seven main planets of astrology – Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra/Som), Mars (Mangal), Mercury (Buddha), Jupiter (Brihaspati), Venus (Shukra), and Saturn (Shani). As Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets (Chhaya graha) hence they are not included in this list. Each of these seven planets are given the lordship over their specific day, which are as follows:

Planet Day
Sun Sunday
Moon Monday
Mars Tuesday
Mercury Wednesday
Jupiter Thursday
Venus Friday
Saturn Saturday

Days And Their Nature

Each day has its particular nature and characteristics because it is believed that a planet has a higher influence on its specific day. Due to this very reason, each of these seven days have a different significance and impact, and they accordingly affect our lives in various positive and negative manners.

The 7 Days & Their Significance

Each planet offers a specific effect on its day and consequently, certain special tasks done on particular days procure better results, comparatively. Oftee, we need an auspicious day and muhurat to do many types of important works in life. One of the five significant parts of the panchang is vaar (day) too, because in order to determine an auspicious muhurat one needs to calculate the specific day first. Let us now discuss the specialities of each of the seven days and discover which tasks should be undertaken on which day for auspicious results.

Day Tasks To Be Done
Sunday Sunday is associated with the Sun which is the significator of health and well being. Therefore, on this day, you can buy vehicle or quadruped animals, precious metals, and weapons. If somebody in the family has been ill for sometime now, ne can start his/her medicines from this day. Sunday is also considered auspicious for yagya/havan and worship in general. Moreover, if you are stuck in a legal matter or debate with someone then this is the best day for ending that by talking things out. Government related tasks also yield favourable results on this day.
Monday Monday belongs to the Moon, which is the representative of water element and moving nature. Hence, one should undertake tasks that pertain to speed or growth. This includes sowing of seeds in fields, planting new trees, and commencing new partnerships. The day is good for couples in love as well – meeting and going out, as well as for wearing new clothes, beginning medicines etc can be done on this day. In general, this is an auspicious day.
Tuesday Tuesday belongs to the planet and God of War, Mars who is the significator of energy. Hence, all tasks needing strength and courage are done on this day, especially suing or filing a case against someone. In the same vein work related to police, army, weapons, or investigation etc are done today, as well as property transaction, purchase of agricultural machinery, and blood donation. Apart from this, fire related work can also be done on this day, but borrowing money should be avoided.
Wednesday Wednesday is the day of Mercury, the significator of mind and intellect. Hence all tasks pertaining to studies and mind are done today. This is an auspicious day. Hence, commencing a new course for studies or a new task, attaining mantra initiation, commission related work, buying a new gadget, or signing a new contract etc are certain things done today. Additionally, post office and accounting related tasks are also done on Wednesday, as well as grah pravesh or sending of legal notice.
Thursday Thursday is the day of the planet Jupiter (Norse God Thor), who is the significator of knowledge naming this the most auspicious day. On this day, you can do pooja, perform any kind of yajna or rituals/solemnization (anushthaan), as well as do work related to charity and offer food to Brahmins. Additionally, politics, banking and library, grain related work are done today, and so is consuming medicinal herbs, commencing driving of new vehicle, and wearing new jewelry. Moreover, commencing teaching work, doing the graha shanti pooja, or going on a pilgrimage are considered best when done on Thursday, however, one should avoid oil massage, shaving, and cutting nails today. This is the best day for marriage.
Friday Friday falls under the beautiful Venus, and all good things should be done on this day. This is the best day for all tasks pertaining to comforts and luxury and is very auspicious for marriage related work as well. Couples in love should revere this day as special and they can set foot in a new relationship on this day. Commencing a new business, wearing new clothes, attar/perfume related tasks, buying a new vehicle, and spending money on comforts, etc are done today. One can also make new friends, work on interior designing/decorate their home, do entertainment related work, and actively participate in artistic work.
Saturday Saturday falls under the jurisdiction of Saturn, hence all stability giving tasks are done on this day. Hence, tasks like laying the foundation stone, commencing a new job, entering new home (graha pravesh), archeology related work, metal and machinery work are done today. Saturday is also a good day for tasks related to printing press, hiring a new employee, labour and contractual work, selling old stuff and trash, etc as well as filing a case for justice.

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