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Do Ghati Muhurat

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Thursday, July 25, 2024 For New Delhi, India

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Do Ghati or Two Ghati is a type of Muhurat. It is a time period of Forty Eight minutes duration. Generally, Muhurta means the time period of 2 Ghatis. When a life starts, it contains lots of auspicious and inauspicious moments in its womb to progress it before it ends on a certain point. Hence the commencement of birth is not under the control of a person, likewise the commencement of life and commencement of an event with favourable and unfavourable promises occur in life without any control. Therefore, a unit of measuring the commencement of these activities has been introduced in Vedic Astrology, called as Muhurta or Two Ghati.

The study of Muhurat is basically the study of time of commencement of any auspicious and inauspicious moments. Before proceeding towards Do Ghato Muhurat, let’s understand the Ghati first.

What is Ghati?

From pre-historic era, based on observation, time was measured through the position of Sun in the sky. As a result, Vedic astrology considers a solar day, i.e. from one sun rise to next sun rise. Whereas in modern era, duration of one day depends on the relative motion of earth on its own axis and it is being calculated in units like hours, minutes and seconds. On the other hand, time is measured in vedic astrology by different divisions named as Ghati, Pal, Vipal, Valipta, Para.

1 Day or 24 Hours = 60 Ghatis or 1 Hour = 2.5 Ghatis
1 Ghati = 60 Pala, Kala or Vighati
1 Pala = 60 Vipala
1 Vipala = 60 Valipta
1 Valipta = 60 Para
1 Para = 60 Tatpara

What is Do Ghati Muhurat in actual?

In actual, 2 Ghati Muhurat is a moment, created by certain positions and combinations of planets containing certain vibrations or promises for any life’s activity. We study Muhurta in order to get an idea about suitable and unsuitable moments to perform any action and then the same things for that particular person too. In short, we can say that Do Ghati Muhurat is the study of time in which auspicious works take place. It is based on the relative positions of Sun and Moon. From user’s point of view, It is usually a favourable time to perform any work.

In Brahmanas, Muhurtam indicates the period of time: one thirtieth of the day or fourty eight minutes.

Names of Two Ghati Muhurat

There are 30 Muhurtas defined in Vedic Astrology named as:

Rudra, Ahi, Mitra, Pitru, Vasu, Vara, Viswadeva, Vidhi, Satamukhi, Puruhuta, Vahini, Naktancara, Varuna, Aryama, Bhaga, Girisha, Ajapad, Ahirbudhnya, Pusa, Aswini, Yama, Agni, Vidhatr, Canda, Aditi, Jiva, Visnu, Yumigadyuti, Brahma, Samudram

Variables of Do Ghati Muhurat

Based on the relative speeds of Sun and Moon, there are following variables of Muhurta:

●  Ayana: It is a time during an year when Sun passes through certain sign with certain direction.
●  Month: A month involves 30 days.
●  Nakshatra: There are 27 Nakshatras defined in Hindu Vedic Astrology occupying 13 degree 20 minutes each in certain zodiac.
●  Tithi: There are 30 tithis defined in Vedic Astrology, First fifteen belong to bright half or Shukla Paksha and other 15 tithis belong to Darker Half or Krishna Paksha.
●  Vaar: Vaar is a day starts from one sunrise and ends at next sunrise. There are seven Vaar defined in Vedic Astrology named as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
●  Yoga: It is formed due to relative positions of Sun and Moon. There are 27 Yogas defined in Astrology
●  Lagna: It is very prominent while analysing Muhurta as choosing the proper Lagna describes the nature of activity.

Muhurta Lords in a Day

If we divide a day into 15 equal parts, we get 15 day muhurtas and similarly, we get 15 night muhurtas. The lordship of these muhurats are allotted to different nakshatras. Mentioned below is the table of muhurts with their lords.

Muhurta No. Day Muhurat Night Muhurat
1 Ardra Ardra
2 Ashlesha Poorva Bhadrapada
3 Anuradha Uttara Bhadrapada
4 Magha Revati
5 Dhanishta Ashwini
6 Poorvashada Bharani
7 Uttarashada Krittika
8 Abhijit Rohini
9 Rohini Mrigshira
10 Jyestha Punarvasu
11 Vishakha Pushya
12 Moola Shravana
13 Shatabhisha Hasta
14 Uttara Phalguni Chitra
15 Poorva Phalguni Swati

Visha Ghati or Inauspicious Ghati

There are following poisonous or bad ghatis which should be avoided while performing any good elections:

●  30th to 34th Ghati of Revati, Punarvasu, Krittika and Magha
●  32nd to 36th Ghati of Ashlesha
●  50th to 54th Ghati of Ashwini
●  18th to 22nd Ghati of Uttara Phalguni and Satabhisha
●  20th to 24th Ghati of Poorva Phalguni, Chitra, Uttarshada, Pushya
●  14th to 18th Ghati of Vishakha, Swati, Mrigashira, Jyeshtha
●  21st to 25th Ghati of Ardra and Hasta
●  16th to 20th Ghati of Poorva Bhadrapad
●  24th to 28th Ghati of Uttarabhadrapad, Poorvashada and Bharni
●  10th to 14th Ghati of Anuradha, Jyeshtha and Shravan
●  56th to 60th Ghati of Moola

Use of Two Ghati Muhurat

Two Ghati or Muhurat is considered auspicious before commencing any auspicious work. For instance:

●  Two Ghati is used while purchasing and selling of assets.
●  It is used while doing any major transactions related to finance.
●  It is used in performing the auspicious acts.
●  It is used for wearing the new garments first time.
●  It is used for Upanayana or Yagnopavit to check auspicious time.
●  It is used for auspicious time to get marry.
●  It can be used for educational muhurta and long journeys related to occupation.
●  It can be used for the construction of house or entering into new house.

Likewise, it can be used in various ways by the various people, based on their requirements or tasks.

Therefore, Do Ghati Muhurat is the study of time in its various forms. Choosing a right Ghati or Muhurat can be proved beneficial for a person, reason being it is good to commence any new task at the moment when the natural forces and cosmic energies are into your favour. Hence it is recommended to do check Ghati before starting any new venture.

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