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Cheti Chand 2018

When is Cheti Chand in 2018?


March, 2018


Cheti Chand Muhurat For New Delhi, India

Dvitiya Tithi Begins at 18:33:34 on March 18, 2018
Dvitiya Tithi Ends at 17:55:00 on March 19, 2018

Cheti Chand 2018

Cheti Chand is one of the most essential festivals of the Sindhi community and is commemorated in cachet of the birth of Sindhi Philanthropist Saint Jhulelal. Sindhis basically are a socio-ethnic group of people who have emanated from a province of Pakistan, namely Sindh. After India’s Independence and partition, a myriad of Hindu Sindhis emigrated to India, where they entrenched their customs and traditions, amongst which Cheti Chand is one of the significant one.In order to welcome the New Year, Sindhis celebrate this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Since Cheti Chand is celebrated in the Chaitra month, thus this festival is named so as Sindhis address this month as ‘Chet’.The day of Cheti Chand is very favourable and propitious day for Sindhis and on this very day people worship water, the magical potion of life.

Legend Behind Cheti Chand

Jhulelal, the Ishta Dev of Sindhis, was born to Rattan Rao Luhana and his wife Devaki on the day of Cheti Chand, and is also known as Lal Sai, Uderolal, Varun Dev and Zinda Pir.

In the tenth century when Arabs were declining and the Soomras were coming up, Ruler of Thatta, Mirkh Shah commanded the Hindus to accept lslam as their religion. The Hindus in return asked Mirkh Shah for some time to ponder over this and hence, Mirkh Shah agreed to grant them forty days. The Hindus then gathered on the banks of the mighty Sindhu river and prayed to God Varuna to save them. For forty days, they continued to pray and during this time, they neither shaved nor wore new clothes, praying,fasting and singing songs in order to praise God Varuna. When the fortieth day arrived, a voice from heaven prophesied near the bank of the river addressing "Fear not, I shall save you from the iniquitous Mirkh Shah. I shall come on Earth as a mortal and would take birth as a son of Mata Devaki in the house of Rattan Rao Luhana of Nasarpur". Even today the followers and the disciples of Jhulelal conduct this prayer for forty days ("chaliho") and celebrate the "Thanksgiving Day" after "chaliho". And as expected on Cheti Chand, Jhulelal was born to Mata Devaki as "Udaichand" and he was also known as "Uderolal". When Mirkh Shah came to know about the "mysterious child" born as savior of Hindus, then Mirkh Shah decided to provide them more time just to prove his supremacy. In his administration, people got more convinced of Uderolal being their liberator. Uderolal was asked to appear before Mirkh Shah and Uderolal urged Mirkh Shah about Hindu-Muslim unity and oneness of God, but Mirkh Shah was not convinced and commanded his arrest. As Uderolal was being arrested, people witnessed great waves of water that flooded the place and a sudden fire broke out. This incident indicated that fire serves as the first principle of universe and water as the first proposition of life. Uderolal explained Mirkh Shah, that there is no point in arguing; as God is one and we should all live in peace. Mirkh Shah, upon witnessing this miracle was petrified and pleaded for mercy. As soon as he pleaded for mercy, the water receded away and the fire flames were gone too. Since then, Jhulelal is worshiped by both Hindus and Muslims.


King Mirkh Shah of Sindh was of the belief to convert Hindus into Muslims. He used his power and persecutions to transform the Hindus due to which Hindus were greatly flustered and agitated. So, experiencing all such miserable conditions they congregated at the banks of the river Indus and decided to observe a fast. They adjured to God to listen to their prayers and free them from such despairing conditions. God answered their prayers by appearing before them straight out of the flowing Indus-waters. God addressed them that very soon there would be a child who will take birth in the house of Ratanchand to save them from the despotism of Mirkh Shah. As a result of which, Udero was born on the first day of Chaitra month in the city of Nasarpur. Udero contemplated King Mirkh Shah in his dictatorial pursuits of converting the Hindus into Muslims. The story illustrated here has both the historical as well as the scientific basis. Pondering over Nasarpur town it can be envisaged that it still stands near Thatta, the capital of Sindh, when Mirkh Shah was the king. First name of Udero was Udaychand which symbolises the rising one. The birth of Udero on the first day of Chaitra month exemplifies the first day of the year i..e New Year. Hence, Sindhis celebrate Cheti Chand as their New Year's Day with full gusto and devotion.

Cheti Chand Pooja Vidhi

A huge procession is carried out to toast the quintessence of Cheti Chand. On this occasion people unite and ignite pretty lamps and diyas as they paint the town red. Lets see the process of celebrating Cheti Chand.

1.  Sindhis take Baharana Sahib to a nearby river or lake. Baharana Sahib comprises of Jyot (Oil Lamp), Misri (Crystal Sugar), Fal (Fruits), ilaichi (Cardamom), Akha and behind is the Kalash (Water jar), a Nariyal (Coconut) in it, covered with phool (flowers), cloth and patta (leaves). People perform the traditional pooja using all the necessary contents mentioned above.
2.  It also consists of a Murti (Idol or the sculpture ) of Worthy Jhulelal Devta. Sindhis hail each other with "Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav" on Cheti Chand.
3.  Devotees worship the Lord of Water- Jhulelal and also observe Chaliho Sahab which is almost a forty day ritual performed on the banks of the river Sindhu. On this special day, Sindhis proffer prayers to River God to safeguard themselves from the evils this world presents and let them prevail in peace.

We, at AstroSage wish that you ring out the old year and bring in the new with added cheer and vigour this Cheti Chand!

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