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Retrograde Planets and its Effects in Astrology

The presence of a retrograde planet in a astrology indicates something specific which, according to Vedic astrology, also denotes the loan carried forward from the previous births.

A retrograde planet is of great significance in a native’s Kundli, as astrology believes that a planet gains its chestha bal (strength) during its retrograde motion. It means that when a planet turns retrograde, it makes the native work hard and put in even more efforts in terms of the house and factors it signifies. This is done so as to make the person ponder deeply about that thing, person, relation, etc.

If any planet is posited in the Kundli in a retrograde motion, then its results are likely to come forward in a different manner. In conventional terms, it is believed that the retrograde motion of auspicious planets will procure positive results and malefic planets in their retrograde motion garner negative results. Let us now find out the reality behind the retrograde motion of planets.

What Is A Retrograde Planet?

A retrograde planet should be examined very carefully in the Kundli. Planets move in an oval orbit because of the distance between the Earth and all the other planets alters. Consequently, when any of the planet appears to move in the opposite direction, it is known as retrograde. The reality is that, no planet moves in a backward direction but appears to do so on its orbital path.

Impact Of a Retrograde Planet

Usually, auspicious planets produce positive results while moving in retrograde motion and negative planets provide more malicious results. It is an interesting fact to keep in mind that the Sun and Moon move in their usual motion and never become retrograde. On the other hand, Rahu and Ketu always rest in a retrograde motion. Meanwhile, the rest of the planets keep moving in retrograde and direct motion. Sometimes, a retrograde planet moves back to the previous zodiac sign and during the other times, it remains posited in the same sign. After the retrograde motion comes to an end, it assumes the direct state and moves back to its initial state. The retrograde motion of planets brings forward different results.

When the planet Jupiter moves in a retrograde motion, it may delay the outcomes. Natives under such an influence start giving advice, drift away from religion and pay more heed towards attaining economic resources. Usually, retrograde Saturn produces negative outcomes and the natives also experience delays in getting things done. In order to see the face of success, natives should push their edges to a great extent. Retrograde Mercury impacts the decision making abilities of a person and such a native also becomes more talkative. Meanwhile, retrograde Venus brings emotional changes in an individual and its effects are visible on love and marital life. The retrograde motion of the planet Mars is considered more inauspicious, because the planet is the significator of energy and when it is in retrograde motion, natives encounter difficulties in investing their energy in the right place. Very often, such people make the wrong use of their energies and face difficulties.

This is how, the retrograde and direct timings of various planets are available on the chart given above.

We are hopeful that this article will assist you to understand the retrograde state of planets in a better manner. You can also gain positive results in various aspects of life with its help.

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